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History of Elnik Systems


In 1969, Elnik Instruments, Inc. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of W.H. Joens & Co. GMBH, in Germany to market the company's line of temperature controllers, recorders, and programmers. These instruments were designed for use on industrial furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and a variety of plastic extrusion and injection molding machinery.

In 1982, Elnik began to focus its efforts on the manufacture of complete vacuum furnace systems. Between 1982 and 1985, thirty furnaces were built for the Raytheon Company in Waltham, MA.

By 1986, demand for custom vacuum furnaces was increasing at a rapid pace. A new company, Elnik Systems, was formed to meet this growing demand. In 1992, a ‘one-step' debind and sinter partial pressure furnace was developed to meet the needs of the MIM market. The MIM 3000 provided a cost-effective alternative to the two-furnace technology then being used.

In 1999, Elnik Systems moved into a new state of the art facility. This facility also houses DSH Technologies, an affiliate of Elnik. Elnik Systems manufactures the most advanced MIM furnaces and debinding ovens in the world for one-step debinding and sintering of MIM parts.

The main industries which use this technology include aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, watch/fashion/sports, environmental, firearms, electrical/electronic, precision mechanics, and defense.

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