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MIM3001L Lab Furnace

April 7, 2016

Introducing Elnik's MIM3001L - Lab Furnace. 

A small scale, 1 cubic foot, lab furnace with full functionality of a large production furnace.  This furnace has the capability to operate in Ar, N2, Forming Gases, H2, and Vacuum.  Temperatures up to 1,600ºC depending on partial pressure and atmosphere.  All Metal hotzone and retort construction keeps the possibilities open to experiment with any feedstock composition.  This unit also has the ability include a high vacuum diffusion pump, allowing vacuum enviroments of 10 x-6, for testing super alloy materials.  

Utilizing the principles of functionality as Elnik's large scale production equipment with regards to equipment regulation, gas flow management, vacuum control, and super tight temperature uniformity, and user control experience, this furnace will become a great asset to companies, universities, and R&D facilities.

For more information or a quotation, please contact us at elnik@elnik.com.