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Elnik Announces Branch Opening in Michigan

April 1, 2015

Elnik Systems announced this week that a new branch of the company has opened in Michigan. The new Midwest office is dedicated to providing customer support and field service to meet Elnik's growing number of customers.

Elnik, a New Jersey based manufacturer of powder metal injection molding furnaces, said the reason for the expansion was to enhance customer service.

"Quick, efficient access to our technicians is important to our customers, and so having multiple offices on  is necessary," said Claus J. Joens, president of Elnik. "Due to the highly technical nature of our products, it's very important that we answer customers' questions and concerns quickly, and we want to be able to provide that level of support."

For additional information, contact Stefan Joens at sjoens@elnik.com.
Elnik Systems, headquartered in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, manufactures the most advanced furnaces in the world for one step debind and sinter metal injection molding.