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Elnik Announces 2 New Furnace Models

June 16, 2015

Elnik Systems, LLC has developed 2 new furnace model sizes that incorporate the same inner retort design as its larger furnace sizes. 

The New Model Sizes are:

MIM 3015 and MIM 3025

These two furnaces have the following specifications: 

Furnace Model Usable Retort Size Based on Shelf Width and Depth Usable Volume (Liters) Number of Shelves Size: (mm) - Inch Total Load Area Pump Speed
MIM 3015 T-50 292x343x305 mm 32 16 0.76 m2 85 m³/h
12.25x13.5x12 inch (156 x 305)-6.13 x 12 1,176 Sq In 50 CFM
MIM 3025 T-50 292x343x610 mm 65 32 1.52 m2 85 m³/h
12.25x13.5x24 inch (156 x 305)-6.13 x 12 2,352 Sq In 50 CFM


These two new furnaces models incorporate Elnik's Standard Retort design, which includes the Shortest Distance Gas Flow Path, which helps to ensure efficient debinding of Metal Injection Molded parts.  This gas flow path provides for the cleanest process gas to be exposed to the parts and ultimately is designed to prevent MIM parts from be exposed to a gas that is saturated with Binder material. 

These two furnaces are substitutes for Elnik's model MIM 3001 and MIM 3002 furnaces.


Any questions about the above model furnaces, please contact Stefan Joens, sjoens@elnik.com.