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CEO Claus J. Joens Speaks at Inauguration of Metal Injection Molding in Germany

July 24, 2010

CEO of Elnik Systems, Claus Joens, spoke at the inauguration of German company Hock Sachsen GmbH's new MIM facility on July 24. The new production facility, located in Schwarzenberg, Germany, features four Elnik furnaces and three Elnik catalytic ovens for the production of MIM parts.

MIM has enjoyed rapid growth as benefits of the technology have become apparent. The process begins by combining metallic powders with a plastic binder, which is then injected into a mold. Then, the parts go through Elnik's revolutionary ‘one step debind and sinter' furnace, finishing as highly complex metal parts.

Mr. Joens' presentation discussed the unique characteristics of furnace construction for MIM applications, and was followed by a tour of the new production facility.

Among those in attendance included Mr. Peter Rauschenberger, GM of GmbH, the Minister President of Saxony, Mr. Stanislav Tillich, and the Lady Mayor of Schwarzenberg, Mrs. Heidrun Hiemer.

Hoch Sachsen GmbH has many different manufacturing competencies, of which metal injection molding is just one of many applications. They started to produce MIM-parts in year 1997. The leader of this department is Dr. Frank Weber.

Elnik Systems, located in New Jersey, manufactures the most advanced furnaces in the world for one step debind and sinter metal injection molding.


From Left: Heimer, Tilich, and Rauschenberger with two Elnik furnaces at the new production facility.