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DSH Technologies, an affiliate of Elnik Systems, provides comprehensive metallurgical assistance and turnkey production services. Housed in the same building as Elnik, DSH Technologies enhances the Elnik experience by offering consulting for product development and process optomization. DSH Technologies is led by Bryan C. Sherman, who has over 20 years of U.S industrial experience, more than 15 of which have been developing materials, processes and products as well as setting up laboratory and production equipment in the MIM Industry.

DSH shows customers the potential of MIM furnaces. It is Elnik's philosophy that using a furnace at DSH will allow customers to see whether the furnace works for their needs before purchasing. Therefore, Elnik offers free trial runs using DSH production equipment before you invest in any Elnik product.

DSH does charge a nominal amount to run your parts, but if you buy a furnace from Elnik, Elnik will refund the charges.

Existing customers and those entering the MIM field can rent DSH MIM furnaces on a per-use basis for short term production needs.

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