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One Source Debinding & Sintering Furnace Equipment for Metal Injection Molding

Elnik Systems manufactures the most advanced metal injection molding (MIM) debinding and sintering furnace equipment in the world. Elnik Systems MIM 3000 Sintering Furnace. Elnik's one step debind and sinter furnaces are made possible by the most sophisticated technologies available.

A combination of innovation, integrity, and quality combine to provide you with the best MIM processing equipment available in the marketplace today. Additionally, Elnik's dedication to excellence means that the service experience at Elnik is unsurpassed within the metal injection molding industry.

Elnik's MIM 3000 sintering furnace processes any metal with any binder in a one step debinding and sintering cycle without having to move the parts.

The very first furnace on the market to do so, Elnik's innovative spirit, attention to detail, and reputation for excellence have created a long history of outstanding products for the MIM community.

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